A one of a kind 10.5 hour course designed to deepen understanding of integrating movement, assessment and treatment of the lower quarter.
What You Are Going To Learn...
  • Coupling the modern understanding of myofascial anatomy with biomechanical function to fully interpret gait patterns
  • In-depth assessment of the lower quarter, common deviations and their causes
  • Joint-by-joint analysis, treatment, and intervention strategies, helping you become a leader in the field of gait mechanics!
  • A Kinstretch Class will begin the day to tie in advanced treatment options and considerations for the lower quarter.
  • Comprehensive gait assessments, real time application of pedograph analysis
  • The one workshop that will give you the latest research, learning, and application of strategies to become a gait specialist, setting your clients up for long-term success!
About Gait Happens
Dr Courtney Conley and Dr Joseph LaVacca are on the forefront of educating the public on the benefits of foot health. It is their passion and desire to see people eliminate foot pain and begin moving better, eliminating unnecessary procedures and chronic pain. They  enjoy consulting with clients all over the world as well as teaching their lower extremity course, TOP DOWN, BOTTOM UP to movement specialists, coaches and therapists to maximise their impact and change peoples lives for the better.

Dr Conley and Dr LaVacca have successfully helped people move from pain to performance for over 15 years. Their passion lies in treating the foot and analyzing how the human body develops compensatory movement patterns in order to keep walking and running. Often these compensations lead to injury.
They specialize in treating the endurance athlete community (triathlete, running, and cycling populations) as well as active individuals of all capabilities and skill levels. Their passion is to help people move more efficiently and improve their quality of life.
Utilizing a combination of movement assessments, biomechanical analysis, gait analysis, corrective strategies, and the proper utilization of tools such as correct toes, proper footwear and in rare cases foot orthotics, they have created a place where pain is eliminated and performance maximized.
About True Technique
True to its name, True Technique represents and delivers the core principles behind preventative and correctional functional methods of exercise. Challenging the status quo, coaches Tim, Whitney, and Dan work against the grain of the mainstream fitness approach. True Technique recognizes the common movement dysfunctions practiced on a day to day basis, which can lead to ongoing pain and injury. The long-term, sustainable solution is driven by the systematic approach to learning and perfecting the way you exercise.
Of course, we encourage and practice an evidence-based approach to training, however, we actively support and incorporate the concept of play into daily movement and exercise. Movement is a direct and deep expression of self and the freedom to do so is warranted within our walls. What was once play in our youth, becomes work as an adult. True Technique endeavors to break down these limitations and release lost creativity. We give you the opportunity to redeem your inner child.

Our vision encompasses a unified, yet the individual experience of personal growth and development. We see great benefit both physically and mentally in working alongside like-minded people, towards similar aspirations and accomplishments. This creates an energy like no other. What’s most important to us? “To be able to deliver the best research has to offer for training; for it to be coached effectively and for us to have fun doing it!” – Owner, Founder, and Head Coach – Tim Sunderland
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